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First Sneak Peek of Elizabeth Olsen in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. [x]

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Elizabeth Olsen photographed by Lorenzo Agius

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Watch the first trailer for Very Good Girls with Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen.

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I do think, doing things like The Avengers, I’ve noticed I’ve felt really confident recently. And I think it’s because I get to be very confident physically all day. I get to be a kind of grounded badass. And if that’s rubbing off on me, then that’s fun. But then when you’re playing someone who is weak, then you kind of walk around feeling weak without even realizing it. Anyone can bring that into their lives. It’s in our control to be positive or to be powerful or confident, even though people don’t think it is.”

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Lizzie talks Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Disney, fashion, and her go-to hair fix with ASOS

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Elizabeth Olsen attends the European premiere of ‘Godzilla’ held at the Odeon Leicester Square in London, England (May 11)

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